How to maintain your hydro garden for your best crop yet.

Cleaning out the Solaris Garden every couple of grow cycles is very important to make sure no unwanted fertilizer sediment, plant debris, or algae begins to accumulate. It is also important to clean the pump regularly so that it remains functioning properly and maintains a steady water flow. Read on below to see the three main categories of the Solaris Garden and how to clean each part correctly. 

Pink Celery

Plant Trays + Tray Covers + Water Reservoir Bin:

Once you get to the point of your plants starting to turn yellow or brown after harvesting all of the fruits, it’s time to start fresh. If you are growing herbs or leafy vegetables, you can sometimes harvest from the same plant for months before you need to re-plant. In general, it’s a good idea to clean your system between grow cycles to ensure the health of your next crop.

The tray cover(s) may accumulate plant debris and fertilizer sediment around the planting holes. The tray cover(s) can be lifted straight up and off of the planting tray(s). The smooth slippery surface of the tray cover(s) makes them easy to wipe clean. We recommend using a damp cloth with water or a diluted Simple Green solution to clean off any residue from the tray covers (both top and bottom).

To clean the plan tray(s) and reservoir, start by removing all plants and make sure to unplug the LED grow lights and pump before the next steps. Disconnect the reservoir from the two plumbing tubes (one going into the reservoir for drainage and one going out of the reservoir connected to the pump).

Now that you have the tray cover(s), planting tray(s), and reservoir separated it’s easy to wipe or scrub away any algae, fertilizer sediment, and plant debris. It is safe to use a solution of water and Simple Green or water and bleach when cleaning your planting tray(s), tray cover(s), and reservoir. If you decide to use a bleach and water solution, recommended if you notice any fungus or mold growth, be sure to rinse each part thoroughly, avoiding the electrical plugs.

LED Grow Lights:

To clean the LED grow lights, use a slightly damp, with water, microfiber cloth to gently remove any dust that has built up on both the top and bottom of the lights. Never spray a cleaning solution directly on to the LED grow lights. 


Unplug the pump. Remove the pump from the water reservoir and pull off the connected tubing. Scrub the outside of the pump with a heavy duty dish sponge and a water and Simple Green solution. Open your pump by pulling the pump’s cover directly off in a forward motion. You will find a sponge inside your pump. Remove this sponge and rinse it in fresh water until the water leaving the sponge runs clear. Once you have put the sponge back inside the pump and re-snapped the pump’s cover back on, you can reconnect the plumbing and place the pump back inside the reservoir. 

We recommend cleaning out the Solaris Garden every two to three grow cycles or when you notice the water flow rate decreasing or a build up of sediment inside the planting tray(s). Regular cleaning will ensure plants continue to grow healthy and the system maintains integrity. 

Thank you for your continued green interest, 

The Solaris Systems Team. 

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