The Hydroponic Hero – Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide, also known as H2O2, is used in many different beneficial ways for plants. You can add hydrogen peroxide to your outdoor plant’s soil for the same benefits as adding it the water in your hydroponic system. However, I would go as far as saying hydrogen peroxide may be the number one key to healthy hydroponic plants. 

Healthy roots equals thriving plants and that is exactly what H2O2 is here to do. 

Top 3 Reasons why Hydrogen Peroxide is a Hydroponic Hero

For each of the below applications, we recommend a solution of one tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide per one gallon of water. 

1. Although most of us probably water our plants with chlorinated water and they continue to survive, the plants would much prefer to have a de-chlorinated drinking source. Adding hydrogen peroxide to your water helps reduce high levels of chlorine, leading to overall better plant health.

2. Roots breath oxygen just like we do. It is just as important to have enough space for the roots to be exposed to the air as it is for them to be taking up nutrient rich water. Hydrogen Peroxide adds oxygen to the water helping the roots carry out their essential functions. 

3. Root rot, fungal disease, and unwanted microorganism pest can all lead to less than happy plants. Thankfully hydrogen peroxide takes care of all those problems. Not to mention is also helps reduce algae, allowing more nutrients to be available for your plants to absorb. 

In all, we like to think of hydrogen peroxide as an important daily vitamin for plants. It keeps the water safe, adds oxygen, and wards off unwanted pest and disease. Adding the recommended dose of one tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide per one gallon of water weekly will definitely yield healthy, thriving, and happy plants. 

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