The Solaris Garden offers hands on learning to students of all ages.

Bring the Solaris Garden into your classroom and offer your students a captivating learning experience as they sprout seeds, care for young plants, and harvest fresh produce.

Contact us today to get started and our team will reach out to you. We are happy to connect schools with providing grant programs to to supply funds. We also offer a special discount for schools who wish to purchase a Solaris Garden or Seed Starter directly from us.

Thank you!

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If your classroom has 4 sq ft to spare, you can grow 36 plants at once!

From elementary schools to high schools, and after school learning facilities, we have been so thankful to provide a unique educational experience to students.

If you’re a teacher without a green thumb, no worries, all of our hydroponic systems come with an in-depth grow guide and personal support to ensure you have a successful harvest.

Group of Students Sitting Inside a Classroom

Sprout, Grow, Harvest, and Repeat!

We love seeing how students across the country are enjoying the Solaris Garden inside their classroom!

Whether you decide to grow food for the community, a science project, or for snack time, the Solaris Garden is easy enough for students off all ages to be in control.

Photo on the left courtesy of the students in the culinary club at Riverview High School. They continuously grow fresh lettuce and prepare delicious salads for their cafeteria.