About Solaris Garden

We’re redefining home gardening for the 21st century. We make hydroponic systems that are easy to use, eco-friendly, and designed to bring an abundance of fresh produce to every home.


The Solaris Garden journey

Founded in 2021 in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, Solaris Garden is a hydroponics solution provider designed to make gardening accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Created by Aaron Ewerdt, the company emerged as a response to the challenges of traditional gardening—battling diseases, bugs, and uncontrollable weather.

With a focus on innovation and sustainability, we offer a range of hydroponic systems that enable people to grow a wide variety of plants indoors and outdoors. Our products have empowered individuals to embrace gardening as a hobby, educators to impart knowledge on plant life-cycles, and health enthusiasts to have continuous access to fresh, organic foods year-round.


What drives us every day

We’re committed to three core values that guide us in developing our products, serving our customers, and impacting the world in a meaningful way.


We’re committed to providing gardening solutions that use less water and no soil, making it eco-friendly and sustainable for the long run.


In a world that’s always evolving, so are we. Our systems are designed with the latest technologies to provide an effective and efficient gardening experience.


We believe in the power of learning. That’s why we provide comprehensive guides, video tutorials, and customer support to help you master hydroponics.


The people behind the greens

Meet the dedicated professionals whose passion and expertise in hydroponics and customer care drive the success of Solaris Garden.


Aaron Ewerdt

From Florida to Colorado and now in Wisconsin, I often found it challenging to align my gardening activities with the unpredictability of Mother Nature. Issues like diseases, pests, and weeds were constant distractions. To solve these problems, I founded Solaris Systems. Our Solaris Garden hydroponics system lets me—and now you—focus on what really matters: growing and harvesting quality produce, all without the outdoor headaches.

Director of operations

Soleil Aneiro

My passion for Mother Nature has been a part of me since the beginning and is ever growing. I have an immense love for gardening and growing healthy food, combine that with being a professional in customer service and sales, and it brings me here. With a degree in business and sub major in horticulture, it is my absolute pleasure to offer my kindest and most dedicated care. I am filled with joy helping all pursue their green thumb.

Ready to start your easy, green, organic journey?

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