Hydroponic transplanting with the Solaris Garden

Use the Solaris Seed Starter paired with the Solaris Garden to add beautiful and healthy plants to your outdoor garden.

Start plants indoors and transfer outdoors!

Tuscany Basil

This Tuscany Basil did so well transplanted into the garden bed after growing for two weeks in the Solaris Garden. Some Basil varieties grow very large, making them a perfect candidate to transfer into the outdoor garden!


Dill grows very well in the Solaris Garden, almost too well! Once the plant grew outside of the LED grow lights, it was transplanted to a pot outside. It was so happy; it didn’t take long for it to shoot out this beautiful flower head!

Sun Gold Tomato

Sun Gold Tomato’s need a lot of room to grow. Starting them out in the Solaris Seed Starter then growing them in the Solaris Garden until they reach a height of about 8-10 inches, helps the seedlings strengthen and have access to vital nutrients. This makes them very successful after planting outdoors.

Impatients and Pansies

These lovely Inpatients and Pansies were started from seed in the Solaris Seed Starter! Then after spending a short 1-2 weeks in the Solaris Garden, they were ready to be potted outside.


Watermelon after being transplanted from the Solaris Garden into the ground. It didn’t take long for a juicy watermelon to start to grow!

Marigold and Chamomile

Start off marigolds and chamomile in the Solaris Seed Starter and Solaris Garden to have strong healthy plants when transplanted outside.

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