Refreshing Roselle – Home Grown Hibiscus Tea

The Roselle Hibiscus plant is not only beautiful with its dark red stems and pink flowers, but it also has many health benefits. Tea made from the flowers calyces (red fleshy outer petals), is said to benefit cardiovascular health. You may also eat the leaves and protein rich seed pods of the Roselle Hibiscus plant!

The best part is, this colorful plant absolutely loves hydroponic conditions! It germinates quickly, is fast growing, and can be pruned to stay more compact. This plant also does well after being transplanted into the ground. Check out more details on growing this plant in our plant data base,

Below is how I make my favorite Roselle Hibiscus iced tea, the perfect summer companion. 


1 cup freshly picked Roselle Hibiscus Calyces


Sugar (optional)


1. Slice the bottom part of the red calyx off so you can pop the green seed pod out of the top. Place the remaining red calyx flower parts into your tea kettle. 

2. Add water and bring to a boil. Once the water starts to boil, remove your tea kettle from heat and let the tea steep for about 3 minutes. You will notice the water turning pinkish-red. 

3. Let your tea cool down a couple of minutes and pour over ice! Add a little sugar if you don’t care for the sour taste as much. 

This delicious tea is 100% natural, healthy, and easy to grow! The natural coloring of the tea also makes it esthetically pleasing and a great beverage to serve at any get together. 


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