Plants we love to grow


This photo showcases a Pot-a-Peno pepper plant from Park Seeds. We have also had much success growing banana peppers and mini bell peppers


Lettuce is one of the easiest and quickest crops to grow in your hydroponic system. Above is an example of a very healthy green star lettuce. We also love growing alkindus lettucesalanova green butterarugula, and green forest lettuce


Peas not only grow fast, but they are self pollinating too. A handful of sugar ann snap peas is pictured above. You will want to make sure to provide some type of support for your climbing pea vines. 


Beans are prolific growers and do very well with hydroponic conditions. When growing provider bush beans, as pictured above, you may harvest up to 100 or more beans from a single plant. 

Plants that Prefer to be in the Ground

Most Root Vegetables

We say “most root vegetables” because radishes and kohlrabi are able to grow right on top of the growing sponge and take advantage of the nutrient rich water below them. Vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and turnips prefer to be grown in the ground.

Very Large Vines

When utilizing a Solaris Garden outdoor hydroponic system, it is very possible to grow large trailing vegetable vines such as cucumbers and melons successfully.If you have your Solaris Garden Outdoor hydroponic system located in an area that has extra floor space, these large climbing vines will meander and grow down from the plant trays and onto the ground. However, to make the most of your growing space, we recommenced keeping those larger trailing vegetables growing in the ground.

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