Germinating Spinach Seeds

Germinating spinach seeds can be challenging, however, following a couple tips and tricks can triple your success rate. 

What you will need:

1. Spinach seeds of your choice. We have found that the Corvair variety from Johnny Seeds sprouts well and taste delicious!

2. Hydrogen Peroxide

3. Paper towels

4. Pitcher of water

5. 2 plates (paper, styrofoam, ceramic)

6. Refrigerator 

Follow these easy steps:

1. Fill your pitcher with water and add about 2-3 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to make a very diluted solution. 

2. Cover one of the plates with a paper towel and gently pour the diluted water/hydrogen peroxide solution over it to thoroughly to soak the paper towel. 

3. Sprinkle your spinach seeds on top of the soaked paper towel. 

4. Cover the seeds with an additional paper towel and soak it again with the water/hydrogen peroxide solution. Be sure to fold in the corners of the paper towel to make sure all the liquid is contained inside the plate.

5. Cover the top soaked paper towel (that has seeds underneath it) with your second plate. Now you have a little dome to keep the moisture in. 

6. Place your DIY seed germination dome into the fridge or a very cool dark place for 36 hours.

7. After 36 hours, take your seeds out, transplant them into your preferred growing media, and continue to grow them with their appropriate lighting and nutrient requirements. We use these planting sponges that transfer right into the Solaris Garden hydroponic system. The sprouted seeds will have a radicle that can be placed directly in the center of the growing sponge. 

Check out this helpful YouTube video from a fellow hydroponic gardener:  How to Germinate Spinach Seeds for Hydroponics – YouTube 

Good luck, and happy growing!


The Solaris Systems Team

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