Benefits of Extra Air Flow for Hydroponics

When it comes to hydroponic gardening, you can make it as simple or as fancy as you’d like. That means whether you have a fully automated, Bluetooth controlled, multi level hydroponic system or you’re growing bare root plants in a bucket of water, it’s considered a hydroponic garden. 

That being said, even with the simplest of setups, adding a couple accessories such as a fan can make all the difference. Below are some of the benefits you may reap from adding extra air circulation to your setup. 

1. Good for Pollination: Even within self pollinating plant species, some still rely on the gently breeze of the outdoors to disperse their pollen from flower to flower on the same plant. By adding a small fan like the picture to the right (courtesy of The Conservatory School), your plants can enjoy an artificial breeze. 

2. Eliminate Fungus & Mold: When you combine moist growing sponges with stagnant air, it creates the perfect breeding ground for fungus and mold. Although not all types of fungus and mold are harmful, if left untreated it will continue to grow all over your growing sponges and eventually kill the plants themselves. By adding a fan and aiming the airflow towards the bottom of the plants, you can avoid stagnant conditions and possible fungus and mold growth. 

3. Add Resistance to Strengthen: When growing outside and in the ground, plants are accustomed to dealing with howling winds and heavy rain. Plants develop strong intricate root systems and stronger stems to support them through harsh weather. If you have grown plants before in an indoor hydroponic system you may notice they are overall much more delicate. When you add a fan to gently create some resistance as there would be outdoors, your plants will also develop stronger stems. This is great because you won’t be needing to interfere as much to provide support when growing larger plants. 

As you continue to customize and add accessories to your hydroponic setup you may be scratching you head wondering how in the world you are going to plug in all these cool gadgets. Check out this power cube from Amazon (click here), not only does it have three electrical outlets, it also has 3 USB outlets. Feel free to add a timer and plug it into the wall for an organized, easy, and automated power solution. 

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